When things are beyond our control……

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As much as we try to work on our inner selves and grow as individuals, sometimes the events that take place in our lives are beyond our control. ⁣

We often go through trials and tribulations in this lifetime, and that’s when all the work we do on ourselves can be brought to the surface.

However, it’s so much easier to be grateful and remember to be mindful when things are going well. ⁣

People will test us and betray us. Hurt words get exchanged between those you may never think can utter such words. ⁣

Trust gets compromised. Things didn’t go nearly as you thought they may have and thoughts of gratitude aren’t coming very naturally at the moment. ⁣

Our feelings come from our thoughts. We may not be able to control what happens to us but we can control our responses.⁣

Still, though, it may be difficult when you are going through something to keep your thoughts positive. ⁣

We easily get caught up in our feelings. ⁣

Feelings such as pain and suffering are natural and experienced with every human. ⁣

We all get hurt. We all suffer and go through pain differently. ⁣ ⁣
It’s very important to become aware of this because when we are in the midst of going through something, we may forget this. ⁣

We may think something is wrong with us and want to quit and give up altogether. ⁣

Whether you are suffering from an event that has occurred to you or feeling pain as a result of someone’s actions, know that the best thing you can do is allow yourself to feel these feelings.⁣

If you feel angry, feel the anger through until it gets better. ⁣

It will get better.⁣

If you are feeling sad, feel the sadness through until it gets better. ⁣

It will get better. ⁣

It will get better and then you’ll be on the road to FORGIVENESS. ⁣

Whether that means forgiving yourself or forgiving someone else. ⁣

Maybe it means you’re the one asking for forgiveness. ⁣

Either way, your feelings are valid and may affect your mindset at the moment, but know that it’s temporary. ⁣

Whatever calamity you may be going through is temporary and will eventually end. ⁣

So if you need to take a break from the world for a little while, you do what’s right for you. ⁣

I’ll always be there to support you.

Andaleeb Hamad

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