What to do when something is not working

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We all know those people that complain day in and day out and do nothing about changing the circumstances in their lives.

No one ever chooses to be in a not-so-ideal situation but the reality of it is that it’ll happen. Whether that situation is something you have to face consistently or if it’s something you only encounter once a year, it doesn’t feel good.

I think it’s important for us to take note of these things that don’t feel good to us and evaluate how you can change the situation in order for it to not be so bad.

I witnessed this exact thing when I enrolled my 4 year old for preschool again in September. I didn’t think I needed to do extensive research because I had him in school prior to Covid and he never really had any problems.

Boy was I wrong though. Although I thought it was harmless separation anxiety at first, I knew that something was off. My intuition was leading me to believe that maybe it wasn’t my son that was the problem but the preschool setting itself. I reevaluated my values and realized that the school didn’t align with them.

I was very clear with what I wanted in a preschool setting for my little one: I wanted a warm, loving, family-like environment that was going to make the time my son spent in school enjoyable rather than trying to avoid going to school everyday.

I remember the horrible feeling that I felt because I didn’t know what the right thing for me to do was.

Should I take him out and start the whole process over again?

What if it wasn’t the setting and it was separation anxiety in which he’d experience anywhere he went?

What if he does this in the new school?

I needed to come up with a plan. Rather than cry and complain about how this situation sucks and I wish I didn’t have to go through it, I decided to ACT.

I made a very specific plan and set a time frame to implement the plan. If it didn’t work and I was still unhappy, then I  would know it was time to start looking for new schools.

I’m so happy I listened to my intuition because I now know I made the right choice. My 4 year old is so happy in his new school which is so much more aligned with out values and I’m so happy that I didn’t wait any longer to implement my plan.

Moral of the story: if something isn’t work, come up with a plan to try something else. Get help from someone if you can’t figure out what it is that you need to do. Talk to people who may have went through something similar to get some ideas as to what you may need to do. Pay attention to your intuition and see where it’s leading to you. Take the necessary steps sooner rather than later.

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