The importance of planning as a mom

April 8, 2020 No Comments

How do you balance your job, your kids, your students, and YOU is what I hear from people A LOT! ⁣

I have one secret weapon that helps me TONS and I didn’t do it, all that I do wouldn’t be possible. ⁣

It’s very simple actually. I spend some time every day, PLANNING! ⁣

That’s it! ⁣

Planning! ⁣

It’s so crazy how people say they don’t have time to do ____________, if they just planned out what they needed to get done, they would have SO much of their time back. ⁣

My awesome go-to mentor I turn to for wisdom and knowledge, Brian Tracey says that , “for every 1 minute spent in planning, you save 10 minutes in execution!” ⁣ ⁣I  couldn’t believe this at first when I  heard it.  ⁣

If you are not planning out your meals, your clothes, your tasks, your children’s meals, your children’s clothes etc…… you are missing out on LOTS of time that you could be using for YOU!⁣

You don’t have to really do the activity that you need to plan too! ⁣

You just have to PLAN it!⁣

For example, I don’t meal prep, but what I do DO, is on Sundays, I figure out, what I’m cooking during the week and make sure I have those ingredients in my house before Monday rolls around. ⁣

My week goes SO MUCH MORE SMOOTH when I do this ahead of time. ⁣

I DONT do my kids lunches and snacks the night before because I’m too tired. What I do DO though is , on Sunday, I ask them what days they will order lunch at school (they’re each allowed to order two days) and plan what items to pack for them the other days. ⁣

That’s it!!⁣

Such a game-changer! ⁣

What is one thing you would like to get better at when it comes to time management? Leave a comment!

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