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My name is Andaleeb Hamad and I’m the creator of Positive Minded Kids. I am a mom of three children and a certified teacher in New Jersey and a mindset coach specifically geared towards parents.

I created my brand to bring awareness to an issue that often gets overlooked: teaching our children and students, both at home and school, how to grow a positive mindset.

I help parents and teachers with providing tools and strategies to cultivate a more positive mindset for their students and children. 

 I saw the need for work like this as I hear and experience such negativity among children. It is truly heart-breaking. Unfortunately, the world that we live in is filled with negativity and violence. With the rapid changes in technology, it is so crucial that we are guiding our children along the path of happiness, kindness, resilience, and positivity. I truly believe if we are able to work with children and have them master these skills, there would be a huge decrease in bullying, violence amongst kids, and even teen suicide.

We need to show our children that they are good enough the way they are and they can achieve anything they want if they put their mind to it.

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I also do speaking engagements at schools and conferences and would love to visit your area.

Here’s how I can help! Click on the appropriate corner depending if you’re here as a parent or teacher!

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Click here for resources that teachers can use in their classroom to help strengthen their social-emotional learning.

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Parents Corner

To all my parents out there that want their kids to strengthen their self-esteem, learn strategies to improve their mindset, and help strengthen their resilience.

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If all this sounds like something you want to learn more about, please feel free to reach out and fill out the contact form below!


I'm an elementary school teacher and a mindset coach specifically working with parents and teachers who want to improve the way that they AND their children and students think. I will help you with strategies on improving mindset for you and the little ones in your life!

Here's how I can help!

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