Negativity Bias

January 22, 2020 No Comments

Why is it that our brains automatically focus on a bad thing that may happen rather than the good? ⁣

Most of the time, I notice that even though there may be ten times the amount of good of something, our automatic focus goes to the one bad thing.⁣

Just think about it…. you may be a teacher and you have that one difficult parent that makes you feel like your not good enough, but have you stopped to think about those other twenty parents that appreciate you and show their appreciation regularly? ⁣

I had an incident that happened like that to me. ⁣

I had a parent write me such a nice note on open school day and bring me a beautiful orchid, but all my mind could focus on was my one of my challenging parent who I felt like was secretly judging my class being chatty during our math lesson.⁣

I found myself complaining to my husband about it on my lunch break. ⁣

Then I stopped myself and realized what I was doing. ⁣

I decided to choose another thought. ⁣

To shift my focus on that heartfelt note that made me feel important. ⁣

As parents, maybe it’s one mediocre grade on your child’s report card compared to the other 5 amazing grades. ⁣

Doesn’t it stink that our attention immediately goes to something negative rather than the positive?⁣

We have the ability to shift that. It takes practice but it’s definitely doable. ⁣

Here are three quick things you can do the next time you find yourself focused on a negative rather than whatever good is around you:⁣

1. Bring awareness to the fact that you are indeed feeling a certain way because of what you are experiencing or dealing with.⁣

2. Choose to actively shift your perception. ⁣

3. Focus on all the good things that go with whatever is making you feel crummy (there is ALWAYS something you can find to be grateful for even if it’s the slightest thing).⁣

If you practice this enough times, it’ll eventually become automatic. ⁣

Tell me in the comments, do you catch yourself focusing on negative experiences when you can really see the thing you’re dealing with differently? ⁣

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