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Ever feel like your brain is going to explode from all you have to think, say, and do each day?⁣

Ever crave that feeling of lightness that occurs when you feel like you can actually focus on just ONE thing?⁣

Need something to clear all those thoughts that clutter your mind?⁣

I’ve got the perfect tool for you: Journaling. ⁣

When we put our thoughts on paper, things suddenly⁣ become crystal clear.⁣

We are able to figure out what is causing us to feel icky⁣ at a particular moment. ⁣

We are able to identify what is causing us stress, anxiety, and feelings of uneasiness. When we journal, we are improving our mindset because we⁣
are directly placing thoughts into our minds consciously.⁣

Whether we are feeling a particular way due to a limiting belief that you may have had from previous years, journaling will help uncover it and bring awareness and clarity.⁣

We already know that our beliefs are what shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions.⁣

Use journaling, to help create those new beliefs. ⁣

Here is some journal prompts to help you get started:⁣

• What went well today or the previous day?⁣

• How do you think of yourself as a person?⁣

• What are your strengths and your weaknesses?⁣

• What is the goal that you would like to accomplish in one year?⁣

• How do you think you can reach that goal?⁣

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