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June 17, 2020 No Comments

Our minds are wired to think NEGATIVELY .⁣

Yes ….you read that right…. our minds will default to negativity until you ACTIVELY work to shift those thoughts and make them positive. ⁣

This is called a negativity bias. It means that our minds hold on to the negative things that happen to us, more than the positive things. ⁣

If you think about it, ITS SOO TRUE! ⁣

Think about all the compliments you may receive from someone that you never thought twice about. ⁣

Then all of a sudden you get ONE negative comment and it throws you off completely. ⁣

Your mind just hung on to that negative comment because it has more effect on your mind then the positive ones do. ⁣

Are we doomed then to think we can’t possibly live in contentment without feeling crummy about every little bad thing that happens to us? ⁣

Not exactly. This is why MINDSET work is SOOO IMPORTANT. ⁣

You have the power to shift this negativity bias. ⁣

You have the power to train your brain to change its defaults from looking for the bad in things to looking for the good. ⁣

How do we do this you may ask? ⁣

One very simple method. ⁣

Gratitude. ⁣

Take just 2 minutes and start writing out some things you are grateful for. ⁣

Do this every day, and your mind is on its way to changing it defaults from negative to positive. ⁣

This takes practice and consistency and you may still feel down at times which is perfectly normal. ⁣

However, you’ll now know what you need to do so you don’t keep falling deeper and deeper in that negative space when you feel yourself getting there. ⁣

Here are some simple gratitude statements you can write down each day to help train your mind to shift more towards gratitude:

I  am so thankful for my health and to be able to be alive another day.

I  am so thankful for my home because it provides me with shelter and safety.

I  am so grateful for my family because I  have people who love me and care about me that I  get to spend my life with.

I  am so grateful for food and water because it provides me with sustenance and energy to do the things I love each day.


Practice gratitude each day and you will be training your brain to look for the good in each circumstance that you are faced with in your life and minimize negativity bias.

What is one thing you are grateful for? Tell me in the comments!

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