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Our mindset is a set of beliefs or stories we’ve been conditioned to believe as our truth. A belief is a thought that was thought repeatedly until it became a belief. Beliefs are what live in our subconscious minds and what is responsible for about 95% of our actions, decisions, moods, etc.

Mindset is SO important and the more and more I learn and teach it the more I want the WHOLE world to learn about it.

The more I want to teach my children and students about it. To understand how our mindset works, it’s easiest to understand it this way:

Our thoughts become our emotions which then become our actions.

So be careful and become aware of what things, people, and ideas you are THINKING about each day.

Because what we think about and what we focus our attention on, creates our REALITY.

This is not just WOO stuff it’s actually SCIENTIFICALLY been proven.

Don’t believe me? Try it now! I want you to take inventory of what goes on in your mind all day. Then when you are thinking about that, ask yourself how does this makes you feel? I bet you your circumstances in life right now are directly correlated to your emotions and your thoughts.

For example, if your everyday thoughts consist of all the things you DON’T have, then I’m pretty sure that your emotions are on the lower vibrational spectrum. You’re probably experiencing emotions such as shame, guilt, fear, anger, sadness, etc. Your life is going to be illustrating this by your actions. You won’t ever “feel” like doing anything that’ll help you get out of this vicious cycle.

The good news is though the first step to fixing your mindset is to be AWARE of it. Anything can be fixed and rewired once you are willing to fix it.

That’s why I am so passionate about educating women all over the world about how their mindset can help them overcome their limitations so they can achieve anything they desire.

Want to know you can start working on your mindset right away?

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