5 Steps to being more confident

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5 steps to being more confident! ⁣

When I talk to women, one of the most common things that they struggle with is being more confident. ⁣

Here’s the thing about confidence—Every person in the world has at least ONE thing that they are NOT confident about. ⁣

Despite what we may have thought before but confidence is NOT a trait that people are born with. It’s not something you inherently get from your parents or grandparents. ⁣

Confidence is a FEELING that can be developed over time with practice and awareness. ⁣

Think about something that you are not confident about. Maybe its something that you haven’t even THOUGHT too much about and didn’t realize your lack of confidence in that area. ⁣

Most of the time we go through life, living with that lack of confidence because we are too confused and scared on how to overcome that confidence problem. ⁣

I have news for you though. You can OVERCOME it. ⁣

You can be confident in that area despite how your feeling now. ⁣

Here are some tips on how to be more confident in any area of your life:⁣

1. Identify something that you lack confidence in.⁣

2. Practice doing that thing to yourself. ⁣

3. Practice it some more. ⁣

4. Evaluate what you can do to help you with making that thing better. ⁣

5. Be patient and watch yourself grow and get more confident! ⁣

Let’s use an example from my own life and how I became more confident in an area of my business. ⁣

1. Going live on Instagram used to make me feel nervous, scared, and anxious. ⁣

2. I practiced my video skills by showing up consistently on Instagram stories doing mini-trainings and giving value there. ⁣

3. I recorded myself doing a live-like video even though I hadn’t pushed the live button yet!⁣

4. I watched back those videos and noted things I could’ve done better as well as research this topic some more to improve. ⁣

5. Before I knew it, I hit the live button and with each live I do, my confidence grows more and more. ⁣

There you have it, a 5-step simple approach to help you with being more confident in any area of your life! ⁣

What is something you struggle with when it comes to confidence? Leave it in the comments!

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